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The Japanese entertainment industry has unique historic organizational practices that sometimes deter foreign productions from working in Japan. We have developed bridge solutions for our clients to overcome the systemic and cultural barriers that exist here today.

The Winery Productions team matches local knowledge of the Japanese market with Western expectations making us an ideal partner with your Japan-themed or Japan target projects. We focus our services to facilitate your projects on-the-ground and in the market by providing a variety of production, distribution and packaging strategy consultations, as well as facilitation services that emphasize delivering business value to your needs and goals.

Production Liaison

  • Japanese Line Production & Budgeting
  • Locations
  • Cross-cultural Facilitation & Coordination
  • Language Facilitation (Translation & Interpretation)
  • Casting
    • Above-the-line & Below-the-line
  • Extra-Curricular & Itinerary Coordination
    • Entertainment
    • Travel & Accommodations

Production Consultation

  • Japanese Market Evaluations
  • Co-Production Introductions & Partnerships
  • Strategic & Creative Guidance
    • Packaging
    • Production
    • Marketing & Distribution