The international community is viewing Asian films and other forms of entertainment in a whole new light as production value increases. New ideas, better stories, stronger talent and enhanced SFX are just some of the reasons why people around the world are taking a closer look at Asia these days. As the world becomes more connected, the Eastern appeal to international audiences is moving beyond the traditional artsy foreign film niches. The global marketplace is presenting a new opportunity for Japan to take more active steps to glocalize their products so that they can pursue new markets. There are a number of resources for Japanese production companies to access and this is where Winery Productions can help. Producers need to focus on content but they also need to know the markets and resources available to them. Winery Productions provides a variety of production, distribution and packaging strategy consultations, as well as facilitation services that focus on the needs and goals of your productions.

International Market Potential Evaluations & Creative Guidance

Does your production have what it takes to compete in the international marketplace? This must be considered in your initial production plan, not after the film is completed. Winery Productions can assist in evaluating the strengths and weaknesses for every production in the development stage and help add or delete those resources vital to a successful production. We often break this process down into 3 main categories:

  • Packaging
    • Screenplay evaluation
    • Above-the-line Casting
    • Director negotiation and attachments
  • Production Value
  • Marketing & Distribution

Co-Productions, Introductions & Partnerships

Getting introduced through a well-known intermediary is vital in Japan. It is equally and especially important internationally. While participating in international networking events can no doubt be useful, these events do not always seal the deal and often consume a great deal of time establishing the desired relationship.

Winery Productions has relationships with companies worldwide that can be leveraged to your immediate benefit. If a project has international potential, Winery Productions can participate as a consulting producer to help facilitate the key meetings that will bring new resources to the table.

Overseas Production Liaison

  • Japanese Line Production & Budgeting
  • Locations
  • Cross-cultural Facilitation & Coordination
  • Language Facilitation (Translation & Interpretation)
  • Casting
    • Above-the-line & Below-the-line
  • Extra-Curricular & Itinerary Coordination
    • Entertainment
    • Travel & Accommodations