Who We Are

Winery Productions is a Japan-based entertainment consultancy and production company. We are passionate lovers of film and other forms of entertainment. We believe strongly in the power of this medium of human communication and we are proud to offer our expertise so that projects can transcend the myriad market and cultural barriers that sometimes prevent good stories from reaching a wider audience. We bridge the gap that exists between the Japanese and the international film communities under our banner of glocalized entertainment. Our lengthy residency in Japan has allowed us to understand the market landscape and peculiarities of the Japanese film and television industry. We know Japan, we know Hollywood, and most importantly, we know entertainment! We would love to get to know you as well, so please have a look around the site and contact us about our services.

Why Us?

Since 1998, the Winery Productions team has provided a variety of entertainment and marketing solutions to our clients. In addition to providing project support to Japanese and overseas clients, we strongly believe in the value of international co-productions. International teams can be a source of powerful advantage both financially and creatively if managed correctly. On the other hand, a poorly integrated intercultural team can be a fatal nightmare that increases costs, drastically lengthens the production schedule, and decreases artistic quality to the lowest common denominator (as several co-productions have discovered in the past).

Winery Productions’ team members are proven facilitators of large, medium, and small scale international projects that involve Japanese and foreign nationals. We can help you effectively integrate the team and bridge the inevitable language and cultural issues that arise. Our knowledge of the Japanese film industry as well as our strategic and creative insight will help ensure a good match of people, talent, story and market. Please select one of the following links which best describes you to see how we can be of further service.

Our Clients

Just a few of our satisfied clients…